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Magician's Show (Multi TF RP)
You’ve just been invited to another show that’s run by the famous magicians, Yumi and Kat Kayami. You’re very excited and have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Now is your chance to see for yourself what they can do.
During the show, you, yourself, get personally called up to the stage. Yumi and Kat tell you that they will transform you like all of the other volunteers. When they do, you find out that your body has actually been altered and the magic isn't just tricks. After you've been transformed, you get the choice to keep your transformed body and stay with them, or leave with or without your transformed body.
The ways in which you can be transformed are shown on Nolaa08 and Ryan's character sheet.
What is required initially:
Your name
Your age
Your gender
What changes about you
Stay or no
Who you room with
Who you roleplay with (Nolaa08 or Ryan (SophieAndRyanArt))
Whether or not the RP should be sexual (if so, it would be done in private)
The ch
:iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 2 77
Mature content
LOST Files: Charlie and Charli Graves :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 7 8
Mature content
LOST Files: Callie, Tabitha, and Savanna :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 10 0
Mature content
What was in that Drink? (Part Two) :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 3 6
Mature content
What was in that Drink? :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 9 2
Conjoined Twins Sketch by Nolaa08 Conjoined Twins Sketch :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 4 9
Mature content
LOST Files: Forest Chimera :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 7 7
Mature content
Voodoo Doll (Part 4) :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 14 12
Mature content
Cowgirl Academy: Filling Up! (COWGIRL EXPANSION) :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 12 16
Nekojoinment Virus (TF/CJ RP)
Hello, everyone. So... word has it that a new catgirl virus is going around, but with a catch. The main one in control is an anthropomorphic catgirl that's enticing... okay, yes, she's well-endowed. But, she has magical abilities. If she chooses to make you a catgirl follower, she will turn you into a nekomimi and send you out to conjoin to other people to make them catpeople. If she wants you to become one with her, she will personally conjoin to you and make you a part of her... your job is to stay away from her at all costs. Good luck.
Yes, this is a transformation, possible genderbend, and conjoinment roleplay! This one trends off of the usual catgirl virus but with a few twists. Here are the requirements.
You need to put your name. We have to refer to you as something, right?
You need your age. This will let me know what age of catgirl to fuse you with, or if you need age regression or progression.
You need your gender. This will be so I know what gender you will be f
:iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 2 407
Brothers Are The Best
Of course, high school was longer than kindergarten and elementary school, so Tyson were waiting at home for their sisters to come home. The two little boys waited for their sisters, Ava, to get home.
Annabelle and Eva were sitting on the bus next to their new friends, Holly and Rachel. They had found every moment they could to learn more about each other before it was time for Ava to go home. They quickly exchanged goodbyes and got off the bus. They slung their bag over their shoulders and walked to the front door. They tried to open the door and it was locked. Eva rang the doorbell and soon after that, footsteps were heard and the curtain behind the window ruffled and waved.
The door then opened to two jumping, smiling, excited, and conjoined little boys. Ava walked in, set down their bags, and lifted the two boys up, placing the boys' lower pair of arms between their two pairs.
"Welcome home, Ava!" Tyler happily said, keeping a good grip on the girls.
"We're glad you're back!" Carso
:iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 2 0
Annabelle and Eva by Nolaa08 Annabelle and Eva :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 12 2
Tri-Fox Amulet (Pokemon Cerberus TF/Anthro TF/CJ)
Tara and her friend Penny were walking through a jewelry shop. No, they weren't getting something for a special occasion, they just decided to go get something for fun. The two 15-year-olds had just gotten their ears pierced just last Thursday and they were looking for some earrings. Once the two girls picked up their not-as-pricy earrings, they walked up to the counter. As Penny looked over at the usual racks by the checkout counter, something caught her eye.
"Tara, look," Penny said as she motioned her friend over to the rack. She looked over and was immediately interested. It was a pendant hanging from a thin gold charily. The pendant looked like a three leafed clover with gold surrounding three shiny rocks. The rock on the top was black, probably obsidian, with a circle cut into it. At the top of the circle, there was a rounded cutout from the circle. They were so interested in it that they didn't even notice the fact that is was the Darkness type symbol from the Pokemon trading ca
:iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 12 9
Fire and Ice (Glaceon/Flareon TF/CJ)
Valerie and Lisa were walking through the forest one day, admiring the scenery. The two were smiling as they looked around, holding hands as they walked (Keep in mind that they're just good friends, not a lesbian couple). They looked at the trees which started shedding leaves in brilliant warm colored shades. They saw squirrels carrying their acorns and scurrying alongside the path. All was normal until...
They saw a small extension of the path going down a hill. Unlike the large they were on, it was in horrible condition and desperately needed repairing. Down the hill was an old tool shed they had never seen before. It looked worn down and had some holes in the roof. Valerie looked intrigued while Lisa, well... she didn't want to get involved.
"I don't think we should, Val," Lisa said, trying to walk away. That's when Valerie pulled her along the path, almost knocking her over.
"I think it would be interesting! Come on, Lisa!" Valerie insisted, pulling harder. Lisa sighed and started
:iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 9 7
Mature content
Mysterious Woman (PT 3) :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 5 0
Mature content
Mysterious Woman (PART 2 AFTERMATH) :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 3 0


Lulluu/Jessica/Cassandra by Heresy4567
Mature content
Lulluu/Jessica/Cassandra :iconheresy4567:Heresy4567 4 0
Rob, Jelly an Orchid, Mauve excited  by kaylathefox1 Rob, Jelly an Orchid, Mauve excited :iconkaylathefox1:kaylathefox1 5 0 Becky an Shamoally fuse by kaylathefox1 Becky an Shamoally fuse :iconkaylathefox1:kaylathefox1 4 19 Sponsor Stream 17- Pg 4 (2/2) by Lilly-moo
Mature content
Sponsor Stream 17- Pg 4 (2/2) :iconlilly-moo:Lilly-moo 33 3
Sponsor Stream 17- Pg 4 (1/2) by Lilly-moo
Mature content
Sponsor Stream 17- Pg 4 (1/2) :iconlilly-moo:Lilly-moo 60 4
Two Lusamines  by Magician112086
Mature content
Two Lusamines :iconmagician112086:Magician112086 22 0
Com: Vinyl-tavia Fusion by BunnyWhiskerz
Mature content
Com: Vinyl-tavia Fusion :iconbunnywhiskerz:BunnyWhiskerz 76 7
Sarah/Natasha by Heresy4567
Mature content
Sarah/Natasha :iconheresy4567:Heresy4567 12 0
Warrior Violet by immortaltom
Mature content
Warrior Violet :iconimmortaltom:immortaltom 70 5
In the alley by Vladiverse In the alley :iconvladiverse:Vladiverse 10 0 Ooops... by Vladiverse Ooops... :iconvladiverse:Vladiverse 18 0 All them Ponies by Vladiverse All them Ponies :iconvladiverse:Vladiverse 12 0 Wrong neighbourhood by Vladiverse Wrong neighbourhood :iconvladiverse:Vladiverse 7 0 DoubleD by Vladiverse DoubleD :iconvladiverse:Vladiverse 19 0 Melanie on the beach by Vladiverse Melanie on the beach :iconvladiverse:Vladiverse 10 0 Preparing for performance by Vladiverse Preparing for performance :iconvladiverse:Vladiverse 27 0


Wow, just wow. A group shared this with me and I have no regrets whatsoever. And you did this with watercolor and colored pencils? Amaz...

Really great work! I love how this sequence was made! It's adorable, beautiful, and pretty much every good adjective I could think of! ...



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Hello, watchers.

In a few weeks, a few deviations will be deleted from my gallery. Why, you may ask? Down below is my answer.

Over the past few days, I've been really thinking about my work. I'm going to be dead honest here, I'm not liking what I've written in the past. My Eeveelution fusion involved characters that are too young to be writing about with the... extravagance of the transformations. Also with a few other things I've written, it just doesn't seem... fitting with my gallery. I just don't know what I was thinking.

I want to start over with all of that stuff. I'll be working harder on material, thinking through things more, and overall making better decisions in my work. I hope you understand.


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United States
Hello, my DeviantArt ID is Nolaa08, but you may call me Grem. I am a big fan of conjoinment, multiples, and transformation. Because of these interests, I am a big part of the L.O.S.T. (Living Organic Symbiotic Tether) community, which involves a fictional virus that transforms and amalgamates the human body to become anything from simple effects to mass fusions.

I love anything with multiples. Arms, legs, heads, tails, you name it.

I thoroughly enjoy roleplaying. If you are into that as well, make sure to drop a comment on one of my roleplays.

I'm open to character ideas, story ideas, even suggestions for other people's characters.

Talk to me easily on skype: GremlinboyFH/Nolaa08


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